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I'm here to support busy, ambitious women like you on your journey to true, sustainable wellness and discovering a body that truly feels like yours.

I Help Women Embrace A Healthy Lifestyle.

Hey! I'm Melissa.

Join my Mindfully Well coaching program for a transformative journey of reclaiming your wellness, finding your balance, and embracing a life filled with vitality and purpose.

Coaching for Women Who Want to Thrive


Better than free ice cream:  all the sweet cravings that come on those hot summer days, but with less guilt and more nutrition.

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Live Well Project

An 8-week live course designed to ignite your energy with whole food and stress management practices.

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Get the support and guidance you need to help build life-long sustainable health.

1:1 Coaching

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Join my signature health and weight loss program, Mindfully Well, with a group of supportive, like-minded women.

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Mindfully Well


A podcast about empowering women to attain a life they love and feel well both inside and out. We dive into every aspect that it takes to live "mindfully well".


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“Mel is so real, honest and relatable. Her podcast feels like you're sitting around a table having brunch with your girlfriends. I looooooove her podcast!”


I'm Mel, your new accountabilibuddy.

I'm a Registered Nurse turned Functional health, mindset, and weight-loss resistance coach. I use a root-cause approach to healing your body, understanding your mind and embracing your emotional body to learn what is blocking you from losing weight and keeping it off. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Live well project and what is the cost?

When are the calls?

What workouts are INCLUDED? Do I have to workout?

Is this personalized for me?

I want to lose weight - is this the right program for me?

I'm Busy, How much time do I need for this?

Live calls will begin October 30 and will be every Monday at 12:00 PM CST. All calls will be recorded and you will have access to them throughout the program.

As much or as little you are willing to give. LWP is about establishing a balanced lifestyle in the way you want to live your life. Weekly calls will be one hour. Weekly meal planning is 1-2 hours & workouts are 30-50 minutes per session.

Mega Strong workouts are purchased separately. Mega Strong workouts are $40 - $60 per month. You will be forwarded to that check out page after you enroll in The Live Well Project. Workouts are not mandatory but highly encouraged.

LWP is not focused on weight loss but is focused on building a lifestyle that would result in weight loss if your body is ready. Often, your body is stressed and unable to lose weight. The Live Well Project will set you up for success.

LWP is an 8 week live course that begins October 23. You will have access to week one as soon as you join. The cost of LWP is $125 per month x 2 months. Mega Strong workouts are $40 per month. You will purchase these separately. 

As an early-bird bonus, the first 25 enrollments will receive custom nutrition created for you and your goals by Melissa. You will also have instructions on how to set your own macronutrient goals.

Smoothies are the idea way to begin your morning. You'll learn how these nutrient dense smoothies will fuel your day for success and energy!

Your Free Smoothie Guide

Better than Free Ice Cream!

Ready to Reclaim your Energy?

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I understand that you've lost yourself in the past and feel alone in the sea of information. I can help you, and you're in the right place.

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Grab Melissa's favorite fall recipe guide! 

It's fall y'all!

Pumpkins, squash, peaches, and apples are just a few of the fantastic flavors and nutrient dense foods you'll find in this FREE guide.