Gain total clarity on what to eat to improve your energy, metabolism, and hormonal balance.

in The Live Well Project you will...


But knowing what to do or where to start when it comes to eating well, balancing your hormones, and managing your stress can seem overwhelming, I know

Especially when you’re a busy woman with a career, a family, and oh, let’s not forget:

A culture that tells you to go on a diet …

… instead of empowering you to understand your body and heal your symptoms with simple habits and whole foods.  

You absolutely can regain your energy and start feeling your best.

The struggle to understand what’s going on with your body is real!

PMS. Bloating. Acne. You think your hormones might be imbalanced.

But you’re not sure what (or if) you can do anything about it. 

Sugar cravings and late night snacks?

Yep. You’re *real* familiar with both of these!

You’re working out but not gaining strength or feeling energized.

In fact, your workouts might feel more challenging than ever and leave you craving a nap. 

You're exhausted all day but still can’t fall asleep, or stay asleep, at night.

Honestly, you are tired of feeling tired when you wake up in the mornings.

Food feels confusing AF.

Do you need more protein? Should you not eat gluten? Why are you not losing weight even when cutting calories? 

The way you feel today has everything to do with your hormones, stress levels, and what you eat.


Maybe you’ve already tried diets, MLM supplements, working out, and everything else you’ve been told you ‘should’ do to feel better.

But … you always slide back into overwhelm and old habits. 

There’s no shame. 

I know how you feel because I’ve been there myself. 

And, as a functional health, mindset, and weight-loss resistance coach for women, I’ve helped hundreds of clients overcome the same struggles you’re going through right now. 

I help women heal from hormonal imbalance, stress, and weight-loss resistance.  

Hi, I’m Melissa Eich.

Women come to me when they’ve tried everything to lose weight and feel better, but nothing seems to work. 

  • How can you eat only 1200 calories and skip meals but not lose weight? 
  • How can you work out so hard but never gain any strength? 
  • Why are you exhausted all day but can never get to sleep or stay asleep at night?

This is not the whole truth. 

Jumping into another crash diet, cutting calories, and working out harder is not going to make you feel better or heal the root of what’s causing your body to resist losing weight. 

Instead, you need to first balance your hormones, regulate your blood sugar, fuel your body with optimal nutrients, and manage your stress. Why?

Because this is the only way your body can get to a place where it feels safe enough for sustainable weight loss to happen.  

These questions used to keep me up at night, and I’m guessing you can relate:

As more women came to me with these questions, the answer became clear: 

you've been lead to believe that the reason you don't feel well is because you need to lose weight.

Because guess what happens when you have weekly habits to balance your hormones, fuel your body with everything it needs, and reduce stress?

You’ll sleep better. You’ll fall asleep easily and stay asleep all night. Can you even imagine?!

You’ll have energy for your entire day. Peace out, afternoon slump. ✌️

You’ll heal your PMS symptoms, acne, and bloating.

Your workouts will give you energy instead of depleting it. You’ll feel stronger! 

You won’t run from stress. You’ll recognize it and manage it in a healthy, loving way. 

You’ll know how to cook simple meals that fuel your body with the right nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need for balanced hormones and blood sugar. 

You’ll be an overall better version of you. You’ll show up for your family and life the way you want to, with energy and confidence. 

 You can achieve all of this in just eight weeks. 

The Live Well Project


An eight-week live course that gives you total clarity on what to eat, simple habits to balance your hormones, and tools to manage stress. So you can regain your energy and feel amazing!!


“I feel less bloated. Cravings are lessening. I woke up feeling rested and ready for my workout! And I wore pants to work today that I couldn’t  two weeks ago!



The Live Well Project is an eight week live course that includes – 

Calls take place on Mondays from noon to 1:00 p.m. CST, March 11th - April 29th, with replays sent out that afternoon. If you can’t make it live, simply send me your questions before or after the call. 

Weekly Coaching Calls/Lessons 

Ask questions and receive support from me outside our weekly coaching calls. 

Private Chat Community

These are complete, family-friendly meal plans that show you what to make for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner and how to prep for each week. 

Weekly Meal Prep & Menu

  • cycle tracking and syncing
  • reducing stress
  • balancing hormones
  • shifting your mindset
  • working out to optimize your energy and strength

Tools, Resources, and Guides for …


All of this is just …

Two payments of $150

one payment of $275

Most flexible

best deal

Plus, most hsa/flex accounts are accepted!

Melissa showed me how to fuel my body. I realized that feeling my best isn’t a matter of depriving myself and eating less. 

It’s about reducing stress in my body and eating the right foods in the right combinations to have balanced blood sugar levels and hormones. 

She helped me make meal prep a priority so I always know what we’re eating for dinner, which is where I always struggled the most. 

Her meal prep and menu plans alone changed the game for me. I finally know what to eat to feel my best and take care of myself.” 

~ Jenny R.

“I joined the LWP because food was so confusing to me. I was running six days a week but still not losing weight. 


Here’s what happens when you join the Live Well Project today

You’ll get a confirmation email with all the details you need, (where to log in, how to access the weekly calls, where to find all the resources, how to use the private community, etc.). 



You’ll get immediate access to Week One of the program! 
We don’t officially start with our first live call until March 11, but you can go through all the materials in week one on your own right away, so you can start meal prepping and planning and fueling your body well right out of the gate.



You could skip this program and jump straight into another diet or weight-loss program. 

I know this might be tempting, especially when you want to lose weight right now.

But, as your coach, and as a functional health and mindset coach who has helped hundreds of women overcome weight-loss resistance …

I can say with absolute certainty that while diets and cutting calories might seem like the ‘fast track’ to feeling better, doing this time and again is what has kept you feeling unwell and unable to lose weight long-term. 

The Live Well Project will prepare your body to be ready for sustainable weight loss by balancing your hormones, reducing stress, and regulating your blood sugar.

shoot me an email

If you **think** you’re ready for the Live Well Project, but still have a few lingering questions before signing up, get in touch! 

I’d be more than happy to chat through anything that’s on your mind and point you in the right direction.

Still have a few questions? I’d love to hear from you.


I'm Busy, How much time do I need for this?

Weekly calls will be one hour and recorded for your convenience. Weekly meal prepping is 1-2 hours and already laid out for you. Workouts are 30-50 minutes per session.

Instead of wondering how much of your time this will take, I encourage you to see how much of your time and life you’ll get back. 

You’ll spend less time stressing over meal prep and planning, and possibly less time working out 
than you do now. 

You’ll take back your time with your new morning and evening routines that fill you up. 

You’ll have more time and energy for the daily activities that exhaustion prevents you from fully participating in right now. 

You’ll manage the daily stressors that keep you from spending time on the things that matter to you most.

What if I fall behind? 

We have catch-up time built into this program, so you will have plenty of time to take in all the calls and weekly lessons.

Everything is recorded. You can watch call replays and lessons at your convenience.

If you feel like you’re falling behind, reach out on our calls or in the private chat community. I’ll help point you in the best direction.

What’s the difference between this and Mindfully Well?

The LWP is the foundation you need to be successful in Mindfully Well.

At this time, LWP is not a pre-requirement to join Mindfully Well, but it very well could be in the near future.

Mindfully Well is focused on weight loss, The LWP is focused on getting your body to a place where weight loss is a possibility. 

You will achieve your weight loss goals more easily and quickly if you start with The LWP. 

Inside the LWP, you’ll give yourself the balanced hormones, lifestyle, reduced stress, proper nutrition, and balanced blood sugar you need for sustainable weight loss.

I want to lose weight - is this the right program for me?

The LWP is not focused on weight loss. 

Instead, it is focused on giving you balanced hormones, reduced stress, balanced blood sugar, and a diet filled with all the macronutrients your body needs. 

So sustainable weight loss can become a possibility. 

Most women jump into diets and cut calories to lose weight, but quickly fall back into old habits and overwhelm when the weight isn’t coming off. 

Often, your body is stressed and unable to lose weight. The LWP will take your body from stressed to balanced so you have a lifestyle that allows you to lose weight if your body is ready. 

is this personalized for me?

LWP is focused on establishing habits for balanced hormones, reduced stress, and healthy eating – not dieting.

You’ll know what, when, and how much to eat to have energy, reduce food stress, and balance your hormones. 

This is not a personalized meal plan. But it is the meal plan every adult woman should follow.  

What workouts are included? Do I have to workout?

Inside the LWP, I’ll show you how to sync your workouts to your cycle to support your hormones. You’ll also know how to workout so you gain energy, muscle, and strength.  

I highly recommend you workout to feel your best and see the best results, but it is not mandatory.

I will recommend Mega Strong Workouts as part of the LWP. These are at-home strength workouts. They are $40-$60/month and additional to the LWP investment. 

When are the live calls?

Our calls take place on Mondays from noon to 1:00 p.m. CST, March 11 - April 29 All calls will be recorded, and you have access to the replays throughout the program. 

Is this right for me if I’m pregnant, breastfeeding, postpartum, perimenopausal, or going through menopause?

Yes! The LWP, including the meal plans, cycle syncing, habits, hormonal balance tools, and workouts, are for women in all stages of life.

What if I join and this is not for me?

The LWP is for women in all stages of life, pregnant, breastfeeding, postpartum, perimenopausal, and menopausal, who want to:

Balance hormones
Reduce stress
Gain food clarity

If this is you, the LWP is absolutely for you! If you have questions on anything before you join, shoot me an email. 

If you need help or have questions inside the LWP, I’m here to help. 

You can ask me Qs on our weekly calls or drop them in our private chat community. 

If you ask the questions, you’ll get the answers you came for.

When is the Live well project and what is the cost?

The LWP is an eight-week live course that begins March 11. Inside, you’ll balance your hormones, gain total clarity on food, and reduce stress. 

You will have immediate access to week one as soon as you join.

The investment is two monthly payments of $150, or one payment of $275.

You can also invest in the recommended at-home strength workouts with Mega Strong Fitness, which are an additional $40 - $60/month and paid separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve had two other big wins this week. I increased weights on all of my exercises and crushed it! And I’ve woken up two days in a row feeling rested and ready for the day. Thank you!”

~ Darcy M.

“This is the least caffeine I’ve survived on in decades!


Instead … 

For just $150, literally, the same amount you’d spend on one dinner out with your family or one outfit, you can: 

  • gain total clarity on what to eat
  • balance your hormones
  • end PMS symptoms
  • reduce your stress
  • sleep better
  • gain strength, muscle, and energy from your workouts
  • balance your blood sugar
set yourself up for sustainable weight loss

You could spend the next eight weeks counting calories, trying *another* diet, sleeping poorly, and feeling frustrated that you aren’t seeing any results from your workouts. 

But when you say it out loud like that, isn’t it so obvious that you don’t want to waste any more of your time doing things that don't help you feel better? 


So you can actually enjoy that new outfit or dinner out with your family as the confident, healthy, energized, vibrant woman you want to be. 

The Live Well Project is only open three times each year. 

Doors close March 12 and won’t open again until Summer 2024.

Don’t wait. You deserve to feel like the best version of yourself long before then.